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Tour King Ranch

Published: Sep/Oct 2000

When cattle was king in Texas, there was no more appropriately named spread than the King Ranch in Kingsville (361-592-8055), about 45 minutes south of Corpus Christi.

This 825,000-acre ranch was where the Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle was founded and was home to the first American quarter horse. Today, tours from a visitor center provide a view of the inner workings of one of the largest and oldest working cattle and horse ranches in the world.

The ranch’s history, from its early days as a cow camp to the modern operation that specializes in agribusiness, cattle and energy exploration, is further explored at the nearby King Ranch Museum (361-595-1881). The western flavor of Kingsville is spiced up by a historic downtown where restaurants serve delicious steaks and spicy Mexican food, and a bevy of quaint shops purvey everything from leather goods to antiques. Call 1-800-333-5032.

– Randy Cosby

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