AAA celebrating a century of service on behalf of motorists and travelers

Published: Jan/Feb 2002

AAA has been a pioneer in providing travel information (above) and Roadside Assistance (below), which was first provided by young men on motorcycles.
AAA is putting on its party hat this year to celebrate a century in which the Club has worn many hats, including that of a travel guide, legislative advocate, traffic engineer, map maker, financial planner, tow truck operator, insurance agent, and most of all, trusted friend.

The Club is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year by recalling all that AAA has accomplished over the years. AAA has come to stand for peace of mind and trust for the motoring and traveling public, and the AAA emblem is as familiar to motorists as road signs and traffic lights.

The Club’s founding fathers set out to make driving safe, comfortable and affordable, meeting for the first time in April of 1902. They pioneered road construction, highway identification, road maps and Roadside Assistance. And the Club helped get some of the first and most important laws passed governing automobiles and highway development in the region and across the country.

Yet just as the automobile has changed, AAA has evolved over the years to serve the public in a variety of fashions. Today, AAA offers a range of insurance coverages; comprehensive assistance in travel planning; financial planning; and automotive services, including our signature Roadside Assistance. AAA Missouri has also branched out from its original territory of St. Louis to provide service to more than 1 million members in seven states, including Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

In upcoming issues of the “AAA Traveler,” look for stories about the rich history of AAA, which has followed the path first blazed by our founders to be a comprehensive source of information, assistance and advocacy for all motorists and travelers. It is a route that we will continue to follow into this new century and beyond.

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