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Exclusive member discount helps fight the high costs of health care.

Medication costs can add up quickly, whether you find yourself at the pharmacy seeking a remedy for a minor malady or a chronic condition. Depending on your medication’s brand and dosage, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars—no matter if you have some insurance coverage or no coverage for prescription drugs at all.

Thankfully, you are a AAA member, and your membership is a safety net. Not only does your AAA membership provide peace of mind with world-class roadside assistance and access to myriad services that range from life insurance to travel planning, it also is a source for sizeable discounts on medicine.

AAA Prescription SavingsPay Less to Get Better

The AAA Prescription Savings discount has saved members an average of 24 percent on their medication costs. That is a significant development, considering that in the past decade-plus, the amount of money spent by Americans on prescriptions has more than doubled. Granted, some of those statistics could be attributed to an aging population, but there is no denying health-care costs have skyrocketed in that same time span, including that of prescriptions.

AAA Prescription Savings can help when you need prescription medicine not covered by your insurance plan. (It’s important to note that AAA Prescription Savings is not an insurance plan, and you cannot use the program in conjunction with your insurance coverage.)

To use the savings program, simply present your AAA Prescription Savings card at any participating pharmacy—there are more than 59,000 (or nine out of 10) participating pharmacies nationwide. Those pharmacies that participate include major national stores, such as CVS, Walgreens, Target and Walmart. Visit for a full listing of participating pharmacies.

Even greater savings can be enjoyed through the program via mail-order prescriptions. The AAA Prescription Savings home-delivery service can be accessed by calling (866) AAA-SAVE (222-7283). You can order up to a three-month supply of medication and have it shipped right to your door. The mail-order program also offers nurse-based education and support to members who take specialty drugs to treat chronic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C and rheumatoid arthritis. That value-added service compounds the savings represented by lower costs, as does the fact that there is no monthly fee for the program—it’s free to all AAA members.

With AAA Prescription Savings, there are no worries about prescription inclusion, either, as all commonly prescribed medications are part of the program. There are no age or income restrictions, and you can even use AAA Prescription Savings to cut the cost of medicine not covered by Medicare Part D. Plus, all members of your family can use the discount—even your pets. If your pet is prescribed medication that is available from a retail pharmacy, simply ask your veterinarian for a prescription and present it along with your AAA Prescription Savings card at your pharmacy.

Part of the Plan
When planning your family’s strategy for keeping your health-care costs manageable, AAA Prescription Savings is just one tactic you can employ. Here are some other methods of prescription-cost reduction—without risking your health by skipping dosages or failing to go to the doctor’s office:

  • Ask your doctor about generics. Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts at a fraction of the price. A simple switch could cut your bill by 20 percent to 60 percent. Shop around, too, as the prices of prescription drugs can vary from one pharmacy to the next.
  • Consider mail order. Mail-order and Internet pharmacies are inexpensive and convenient. Thus, they represent a source of significant savings.
  • Buy in bulk. If a certain drug is part of your daily routine, you might be able to save money by purchasing more than a month’s worth of medications and supplies.
  • Take your medicine properly. If you stray from your prescription regimen, your disease could worsen, potentially leading to even more prescriptions and more expenses.
  • Check your insurance. Many private insurance plans will cover part or all of the cost of medications. Be aware that most plans have a list of “approved” drugs that they will cover. If the drug you take isn’t on the list, ask your doctor if you can switch to one that is on the list. Your doctor can consult with the plan’s representatives about why you need to make the switch.

bottleFor more information about the program, visit The site also features health-related tools, such as a daily food diary, body fat calculator and more.

To start saving with AAA today, obtain your free AAA Prescription Savings card at or your local AAA office. Before visiting your pharmacy, write your membership number on the card, and you will be ready to save and to get well.

That is on top of being more aware of your far-reaching membership benefits—something that might already have you feeling better.

Jul/Aug 2011 Issue

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