Motoring issues: how motorists feel

More than 500 AAA members responded to the poll in the January/February issue of the “AAA Southern Traveler.” Both state and federal legislators are being advised by AAA of the opinions expressed by AAA members of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas who responded to the poll.

Members feelings on the issues were:


Bond issues are being considered by more and more transportation agencies to speed improvements to highways and transportation facilities. Motorists’ attitudes toward bonding is favorable only if there is no additional taxes.

Bond issue for highway improvements without a tax increase:

  • Yes 91%
  • No 9

Bond issue for highway improvements with an increase in taxes:

  • Yes 37%
  • No 63


Motorists are inclined to favor only minimal retesting requirements when renewing their drivers’ licenses.

Support for type of retesting at license renewal time:

  • No test at renewal 15%
  • Eye test only 38
  • Written test only 1
  • Eye and written tests 15
  • Eye, written and road tests 31

And testing ALL drivers and not just those over a certain age is overwhelmingly supported.

  • All drivers 70%
  • Drivers over a certain age 30

Of the minority that favor testing only drivers over a certain age, that age is:

  • 50 years and over 9%
  • 60 years and over 36
  • 70 years and over 44
  • 80 years and over 12


Motorists are beginning to understand that cars and light trucks are not the major source of harmful emissions that affect our air quality, as they correctly ranked stationary sources as the source of most emissions.

Major emission sources:

  • 1st Stationary Sources (large and small industries, power generating plants, commercial establishments, households)
  • 2nd Large trucks, buses and motorcycles
  • 3rd Off-road mobile sources (airplanes, lawn and garden equipment, boats, locomotives, construction equipment)
  • 4th Cars and light trucks


Asked to compare the conditions of state highways now to three years ago, motorists say:

  • Improved 36%
  • Same 50
  • Worsened 15

Current assessment of state highways were:

  • Excellent 1%
  • Good 32
  • Fair 46
  • Poor 20


"Four-laning of existing two-laned roads" is the No. 1 priority of motorists, as 33 percent of respondents listed it as their top highway improvement. Respondents’ priorities were:

  • Four-laning of existing two-laned roads 33%
  • Eliminating commuter bottlenecks 27
  • Resurfacing existing four-laned roads 026
  • Increased use of road safety features 010
  • Widening of secondary road bridges 04


While "aggressive drivers" was the main safety concern of motorists, followed by "drunk drivers," large trucks ran a close third as nearly one in four motorists cited them as their main safety concern.

No. 1 safety concern

  • Aggressive drivers 37%
  • Drunk drivers 28
  • Large trucks 23
  • Road conditions 12

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