Safeguard summer fun with AAA’s TravelMoney card

Your summer vacation promises sun and fun. But travel brings its share of surprises and some of them can spoil your budget and vacation if you are not prepared.

Consider carrying the AAA Visa TravelMoney card–a safe, convenient alternative or supplement to cash and traveler’s checks–on vacation this year.

Load the desired amount on to this prepaid card and get local currency from Visa/PLUS ATMs around the world. The card is also accepted by Visa travel, entertainment and retail merchants around the world, and online.

With each purchase and withdrawal, the amount is automatically deducted from the card’s value. Your card can be reloaded up to three times after the initial load. Allow up to four days for funds to be credited to your card.

Because two cards can be linked to a single account, another person in your family or group can carry their own card.

Other benefits to using the card include AAA Global Advantage Service. Stay safe and travel smart this summer. For more information, consult the AAA Travel Money advisor at your participating AAA Office, call (866) 339-3378, or visit

Published May/June 2007

Impacting insurance cost

When it comes to car shopping, most people look at sticker price and monthly payments, not insurance costs. If you plan to purchase a new car soon and want lower insurance bills, here are some things to consider.

The more a car costs to repair or replace, the higher the insurance bill.

Expect to pay higher premiums for vehicles with poor crash test ratings and lower premiums for vehicles that perform well. To see how your vehicle measures up, visit, the Web site for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Choosing a car with the latest safety features may reward you with a lower insurance bill.

Cars that are most attractive to thieves also cost more to insure. At, click on the “Hot Wheels” link and look up the top 10 most stolen vehicles in your state. For better security and possibly lower insurance premiums, consider equipping your car with anti-theft features.
Or you can call AAA at 1-888-428-8625 for a free, no obligation quote.

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Free phone with selected Contiki vacations

Is your older child considering travel to Europe this summer? Now there’s no reason he or she can’t keep in touch with a new AAA member benefit from Contiki Holidays, the preferred travel partner that specializes in tours for the 18–35 year-old set.

For all 2007 departures to Europe, as well as New Zealand and Australia, travelers receive a Motorola P7389 Timeport cell phone loaded with $25 of international calling time and 45 minutes of toll-free calling from the United States to the international cell phone.

Popular European tours include destinations like Italy, the Greek Isles, London and Paris. South Pacific packages include a tour of Australia’s hottest beaches, reefs and city sights.

Contiki has offered vacation packages for young people for 40 years. Itineraries are varied, ranging from four to 48 days and encompasses 16 countries.

“The concept is really for young, like-minded travelers who want to experience the world with other people in their similar age group,” said Lisa Wooldridge, vice president of marketing. “It’s not your grandmother’s tour.”

For more information, contact AAA Travel.

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