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Nov/Dec 2007 Issue

An article in the September/October issue of the AAA Southern Traveler should have stated that Louisiana does have a “Move Over” law under which motorists who approach an emergency vehicle parked on the side of the highway with its lights on must slow to a speed of 25 mph and merge into the lane farthest from the emergency vehicle to pass.

In an article about the Little Rock Nine, who were involved in the 1957 desegregration crisis at Central High School, Daisy Bates was inadvertently listed as one of the students. Instead, she advised the students.

Finally, an article about passport expediting had pricing errors. Adults pay $157 to rush a passport application through U.S. Department of State channels; a child’s application is $142. Without expediting fees, the cost is $97 for adults, $82 for children.

Biloxi Bay Bridge opening to traffic
The bridge crosses Biloxi Bay and links Biloxi and Ocean Springs. MDOT photo
Just six months after a portion of the U.S. Highway 90 bridge over St. Louis Bay re-opened on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, two lanes of the Biloxi Bay bridge were slated to see traffic for the first time on Nov. 1.

In a ceremony highlighted by scores of motorcycle riders crossing the bridge for the first time, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) was planning to not only celebrate the progress on the construction of the project but to showcase how quickly the coast’s infrastructure was being restored following Hurricane Katrina. The U.S. Higway 90 bridge links Ocean Springs and Biloxi.

“The opening of this bridge in November will be a big step foward in the recovery efforts of the Gulf Coast,” said MDOT Southern Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown.

The $338 million project is being constructed as a high-rise structure with 95 feet of clearance from the waters of the gulf. Construction began about a year ago, and when fully completed in April, the bridge will have six traffic lanes and a shared-use biking and pedestrian path.

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