Common Cents
Sept/Oct 2008 Issue

Take charge of your cards

Credit cards. They’re great for emergencies, they’re accepted just about everywhere and you don’t have to keep cash on hand. Use these tips to get the most out of your credit cards.

  • Member agreement and monthly statements may not be exciting to read, but you will learn how service charges are applied, when payments are credited to your account and the cost of convenience services. Don’t assume that each of your cards operates in the same fashion; become familiar with the details to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • The due date is the deadline. The easy solution is to abide by the exact date on the monthly statement. This is the date by which the payment must be processed by the credit card company. Pay on time to avoid penalty.
  • Convenience costs. Use these conveniences sparingly and evaluate the cost against comparable solutions. For example, is the cost of paying by phone higher than an online payment or priority mail?
    AAA offers an array of credit card products with member-only benefits–including low annual percentage rates, no annual fees, 24-hour customer service, protection for lost or stolen cards, and reward points for purchases made and more.

Visit or call (800) 545-7899 to learn more or to apply.

Credit Cards

Insurance tips

Here are five tips to help young drivers save money on auto insurance:
1. Buy the right car. Vehicles with lower safety ratings cost more to insure.
2. Choose the right policy. Still live at home? Stay on the parents’ policy as an additional driver.
3. Be a safe driver.
4. Make good grades.
5. Keep a good credit record. Those with poor credit are seen as high risk and pay more for insurance.

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