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Mar/Apr 2010 Issue

AAA offers free online assessment tool for senior drivers

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has launched a free, online version of AAA’s Roadwise Review, a first-of-its-kind scientifically valid tool designed to help seniors assess their driving health in the privacy of their homes.

Roadwise Review: A Tool to Help Seniors Drive Safely Longer measures physical and mental abilities shown to be the strongest predictors of crash risk among older drivers and provides feedback to guide users about their ability to drive safely. The program is at, which also features other resources to help keep seniors stay safe behind the wheel.

Roadwise Review uses an integrated data system that provides users with confidential feedback about screening results. Using videos and easy-to-follow instructions, Roadwise Review screens drivers in eight functional areas, including leg strength and general mobility, head and neck flexibility, visual acuity, memory and visual searching ability.

The program uninstalls itself after use but allows users the option to save results to their computer. No personal data is reported so results remain confidential.

“Roadwise Review allows seniors to check their driving ability conveniently and confidentially–something that is vitally important as we age,” said AAA Spokesman Mike Right.

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People age 65 and older represent the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population.

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