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Sep/Oct 2010 Issue

Safety Patrol observes its 90th year

As the school year begins again, the AAA School Safety Patrol is celebrating its 90th anniversary by saluting members and former members for participating in one of the most widely recognized and most successful safety programs in the world.

AAA School Safety Patrol was founded in Chicago in 1920 by Charles M. Hayes, president of the Chicago Motor Club, after several children at a school crossing were killed by a speeding car. Horrified by the incident, Hayes pledged to help prevent such a tragedy from happening again. The first patrol was established with two dozen boys trained to assist students cross the road safely.

Today, the AAA School Safety Patrol includes 585,000 members in 30,000 schools across the United States, including hundreds of schools across the South. Each day those students rise before their classmates and are among the last to return home from their posts, where they help guide students across the street safely.

“The AAA Safety Patrol has been praised by education and safety groups for reducing injuries and fatalities among school children ages 5 to 14,” said Mike Right, AAA’s vice president of Public Affairs. “It’s truly been a lifesaver for hundreds of students.”

Not only do Safety Patrollers make sure their fellow students stop at crosswalks and remind them of safety rules, but the patrols alert motorists by their very presence to drive carefully in areas where school children are walking. The fluorescent belt that they wear is a reminder to students and motorists that the utmost care should be taken at crosswalks.

Five LA sites close to daily visitors

In a move the Louisiana Office of State Parks hopes is temporary, the agency has closed five historic sites across the state due to budgetary cuts making them available to visitors by appointment only.

The five state historic sites are:

  • Centenary State Historic Site in Jackson;
  • Fort Jesup State Historic Site in Many;
  • Fort Pike State Historic Site in New Orleans;
  • Marksville State Historic Site in Marksville;
  • Plaquemine Lock State Historic Site in Plaquemine.

For more details about Louisana State Parks, visit



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