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Jan/Feb 2011 Issue

Sharpen your mind to reduce crash risks

More important than seat belts and air bags to driver safety is a sharp mind fit for the rigors of the road, so AAA is offering members an improved brain fitness program at a discount.

Introduced two years ago in partnership with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and Posit Science, DriveSharp has been clinically proven to help drivers see more, react faster and cut their crash risk by up to 50 percent. The software program recently was updated to improve the user experience and to add a new visual processing and memory exercise.

The computer-based program is not a driving simulation. Instead, it’s a brain fitness software program with three computer-based exercises that are designed to improve reaction time, visual processing speed and useful field of view.

Several clinical studies have proven the program’s effectiveness. Users can increase their useful field of view by up to 200 percent and cut stopping distance by up to 22 feet at 55 mph. Users also will drive with greater confidence at night, in traffic and in new places.

While every driver can benefit from DriveSharp, it is particularly beneficial for drivers who are experiencing some effects of aging. Starting around age 30 and progressing over time, it begins to take the brain longer to process information and also makes it harder to ignore distractions.

These changes can hinder driving safety. Reacting to a situation while driving involves three steps: sensing, deciding and acting. Even if your brain is just milliseconds slower at taking these steps, it can mean the difference between having a crash and avoiding one.

DriveSharp can be purchased by AAA members at for the lowest available price from Posit Science. When visiting the site, enter AAA Missouri as your participating club.



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