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Jan/Feb 2012 Issue

TourBook® guides are easier than ever to use

Every year since 1926, AAA has taken small steps to improve the TourBook® guides with expanded coverage of North America, enriched content that includes hotel and restaurant ratings, and new listings to support evolving member expectations, like Internet service and pet acceptance.

For the 2012 edition, we’ve taken a giant leap forward.

Members will discover a redesigned format in the popular travel guides featuring vibrant new content that makes travel planning even easier. One of the biggest changes is that for each city, users will find the attraction, hotel, and restaurant listings all in one place. There will be no more flipping from the front section to the back.

Some TourBook® guides that contained multiple destinations have been split into smaller regions. That means fewer pages to carry, focused on the places you’re visiting.

In addition to handy new navigation tools to help travelers use the guides, there are now valuable travel recommendations from AAA experts and a new navigable atlas section.

Stop by your nearest full-service office or visit to request copies of the 2012 edition TourBook® guides. The guides are available free, exclusively for members. A list of offices to serve you can be found here.



Get social with AAA

Whether you have a PC, laptop, mp3 player, smartphone or tablet, there are myriad ways to stay connected to AAA and all of its services, benefits, and savings.

With a mouse, keyboard or touch screen, members can access a world of information about AAA. For instance, at, you can learn about AAA’s many services, enter sweepstakes, and more.

AAA also has several Twitter feeds that you can sign up for; a Flickr site featuring AAA photos; a YouTube channel filled with safety videos; and podcasts on Staying connected with AAA was never easier.


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