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May/Jun 2012 Issue

Take a vacation from eye strain

Are your eyes ready for your upcoming road trip? Take along these tips to help you have a safe vacation. The muscles of the eye can become strained and tired during a long day on the road, causing headaches, neck and back pain, burning or stinging eyes, and even difficulty focusing.

One tip to combat eye strain and fatigue while driving is to take breaks along the way so that you’re not overusing your eyes.

Another way to keep eye strain and fatigue at bay is to outfit yourself with the proper eyewear. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure your prescription is up to date and your glasses have an anti-reflective coating for clearer, sharper vision.

Sunglasses offer great protection as well. Look for shades that provide 100 percent protection against ultraviolet rays. Further, reduce glare by wearing sunglasses with polarized, brown-tinted, or mirror-coated lenses. For those needing correction, keep in mind that prescription sunglasses are available and are another great way to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Get ready for your vacation with eye protection. Using your valid AAA card to save 30 percent on a complete pair of eye wear at your local LensCrafters.

For details on these and other savings when you show your AAA membership card, visit



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