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Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

AAA can find you when you need help, even if you don’t know where you are

Stranded drivers who are AAA members and AT&T subscribers now have the option to instantly share their GPS location with AAA roadside assistance through AAA FindMeSM for free. Already a service available for members who are Sprint wireless phone users, the rollout with AT&T is underway with full U.S. coverage anticipated early this year.

AAA FindMeSM is a free member benefit from AAA that allows stranded drivers to get the help they need, where they need it, even if they aren’t exactly sure what street they are on. The application uses GPS technology to determine the location of authorized mobile handsets. There are no additional charges, special devices, or required downloads.

Most devices purchased within the last few years are eligible for this service. However, you may need to reference your user’s manual for instructions on enabling your phone. You can register as many AT&T and Sprint phones as you have in your household.

You can enroll and provide your consent to allow AAA to access your location by going to on your mobile device or computer. You also can enroll via the AAA call counselor when your car breaks down and you need roadside assistance.

AAA members also can automatically transmit their location during a breakdown via their iPhone or Android device with the free AAA Mobile app, which also uses GPS technology. Available at, the app not only provides easy access to roadside assistance, but to maps, driving directions, gas prices, locations where AAA member discounts are available, and more.

map read on car

Motorists can instantly share their breakdown location with AAA using GPS technology if they don’t know their location.

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