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How to Make Cascarones (confetti eggs)

During Fiesta in San Antonio, you’ll see a lot of cascarones, also known as confetti eggs, which are a Mexican Easter tradition.  Because Fiesta is held annually in April, it was a natural segue for these colorful eggs. Easy to make–children love to help–the eggs are filled with colorful confetti. Break one over someone’s head and it’s supposed to be good luck. Here are the instructions with photos.

  1. You will need a few dozen eggs; a traditional egg dye kit; a bag of paper confetti; colorful tissue paper cut into squares (about three-inch-square, or enough to cover the top of your egg); glue sticks; one or two bowls to hold the confetti.
  2. Gently crack the top of a raw egg and peel away about a ½-inch hole. Empty the egg and thoroughly rinse the inside. Dry the empty eggshell completely before applying color. (Tip: make a drying rack by sticking straight pins into a Styrofoam block.)
  3. Color the egg as usual and dry thoroughly. After the egg is dried, fill the cavity with confetti and glue a piece or two of tissue paper over the hole to keep confetti from spilling out.
  4. Decorate the top of the egg with more confetti or glitter.
Diana Barrios-Trevino, owner of Viola’s Ventanas in San Antonio, explains that the colorful cascarones also can be used to decorate the home during Easter and Fiesta. Viola’s Ventanas is a family restaurant that serves Tex-Mex staples made according to recipes passed down from generation to generation. The restaurant is at 9660 Westover Hills Blvd. Deborah Reinhardt photos

March/April 2015 Issue


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