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July/August 2015 Issue

Yearly cost to own, operate a vehicle falls to $8,698

Your Driving CostsDue to declines in gas prices and finance charges, the annual cost to own and operate a vehicle has fallen to $8,698, a nearly 2-percent drop from last year, according to AAA’s 2015 Your Driving Costs study.

This research examines the cost of fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, license and registration fees, taxes, depreciation, and finance charges associated with driving a typical sedan 15,000 miles annually. A driver can expect to spend 58 cents for each mile driven, nearly $725 per month, to cover the costs associated with owning and operating a car in 2015.

AAA’s annual analysis of how much motorists pay to drive is made up of two types of costs. The operating costs include such expenses as gas and maintenance, and the ownership costs are comprised of such things as insurance, licensing fees, and taxes.

The study found that reduced gas and finance costs more than offset rising costs in other areas. Compared to last year’s study, the average cost of regular unleaded fuel fell nearly 13 percent to $2.855 per gallon. This decline, coupled with improvements in vehicle fuel economy, resulted in an average 11.2 cents-per-mile fuel cost, down from 13 cents.

In addition to calculating the driving costs for sedans, AAA determined annual costs associated with minivans and sport utility vehicles. Owners of these vehicles will benefit from annual driving costs nearly 4 percent lower this year, at $9,372 and $10,624 respectively.

AAA’s cost estimates are different for business-related use of a personal vehicle. Such payments cover operating costs for mileage and only a portion of the fixed costs.

For a free copy of the brochure, send a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope to: AAA, Your Driving Costs, 12901 N. Forty Drive, St. Louis, MO, 63141. To see the brochure online, simply visit


VIN etching deters theft

As a theft deterrent, AAA offers window etching of your vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number).

The cost for the service is $30 for AAA members and $40 for non-members, including six etchings per car. Thieves typically avoid cars with VIN etching.

Please make appointments at least 72 hours before these dates by calling (800) 222-7623 ext. 6821. Have your VIN number

Aug. 6 Baton Rouge
Aug. 7 Metairie



Maximize your AAA benefits, savings

With summer here, AAA can help you plan your vacation, save on theme park tickets, and recommend a repair shop to prepare your car for your trip.

Whatever the season, AAA can provide a host of discounts, services, and benefits to make your life easier and save you money. To find out how valuable your AAA membership card is, attend one of the upcoming “Maximize Your Membership” meetings.

At the free and informal presentations, you’ll learn about AAA’s automotive services, insurance coverage, and the wide array of travel services available, from free maps to expert travel planning. Members also will discover exclusive retail discounts available at thousands of locations that can save you the cost of a membership. Please RSVP for these meetings.

View a list Maximize Your Membership Meetings >


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