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Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips

Imagine getting a call from a loved one late at night saying she's having car trouble and had to pull over–but don't worry, she adds, because she's called AAA and help is on the way. That gives you some relief initially, but you probably won't relax until she walks through the front door.

We know that being stranded by the side of the road can cause anxiety, both for the motorist and for those waiting at home, so we're bringing new features to our AAA Mobile app to provide our members with even more peace of mind. So that you know help is on the way, we have begun to roll out a new feature of the app that will allow you to track the progress of the service vehicle that's coming to you when you request Roadside Assistance. This feature alone should help cut down on some stress, but we've taken things further. You can also send a text message to concerned family or friends so they, too, can track the service vehicle. And don't worry if you don't have your AAA membership card with you; your membership number is available within the AAA Mobile app.

The AAA Mobile app is useful for more than emergencies–it can also help make daily life easier. For instance, in September, we are introducing a new feature that informs you of parking locations and pricing near you. Another feature provides real-time tracking at a glance of traffic conditions and travel time to your frequent destinations. In addition, the app can help you find the lowest gas prices near you.

We continue to invest in cutting-edge technology with the goal of delivering innovative products and legendary service faster and in more convenient ways–and more enhancements are ahead for the AAA Mobile app. To take advantage of any of these features, you first need to download the app and register by inputting your membership number. The AAA Mobile app is available for free from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Providing peace of mind at the touch of a button is just one more way that AAA is always with you.

Jim McGrath

September/October 2015 Issue

Jim McGrath

Truck Tracker

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