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November/December 2015 Issue

AAA offers new online course for teen drivers

For decades, AAA has been an advocate on behalf of teen drivers and their families. We've been a leader at the state level in advocating for the implementation and improvement of graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws and quality driver education programs.

As teens set out on their journey of independence, they need a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to reduce their risk behind the wheel. AAA plays a key role in preparing teens for this journey by offering the How to Drive Online supplemental training program, which delivers essential elements of safe driving in an interactive and innovative way. Exclusive “crash cam” video footage of teens involved in collisions is a highlight of the 25-hour course, which teens can work through at their own pace. The course concludes with a test to determine your teen's preparedness for subsequent training.

Parents can add the StartSmart Online Parent Session. The program consists of eight modules discussing the importance of parental involvement, common risk factors associated with teen drivers, the licensing process, managing solo driving, and other useful resources designed to help monitor and supervise teen driving.

The price for the teen How to Drive Online supplemental training course is $19.95 for members and $24.95 for non-members. The StartSmart Online Parent Session can be added for an additional $15. For more information, click on

How to drive online


Guidelines for membership renewal

Auto Club membership is valid for one year (excluding special offers and promotions). The day, month and, in most cases, year that your membership expires appear on your membership card. (If you are enrolled in AAA Auto Pay, your membership card may indicate a two-year expiration date, but your membership nevertheless will not stay active unless you pay your membership dues annually.)

Membership may be renewed annually upon payment of applicable annual membership dues. Prior to the expiration of your membership, you will receive one or more renewal notices. These notices will state the names of the current Primary and Associate Members, the current services, and the total membership dues required. You may add or change Associate Members and services if desired.

Your renewal payment is due as of your membership expiration date. We accept renewal payments up to 60 days after your membership expiration date. If you renew your membership prior to your membership expiration date or within 60 days thereafter, your original membership number, membership join date, and membership expiration date will remain unchanged and your renewed membership term will expire one year from your membership expiration date, even if such new expiration date is less than one year from the date you paid for your renewal. The Auto Club will continue to provide most membership benefits and services to you after your membership expiration date for a limited period of time; however, if you do not renew, you will be billed a service charge for certain services used during such period.

If you prefer not to renew, you may purchase a new membership at any time subject to all applicable new membership policies. New memberships are issued with new membership numbers, no prior “membership years,” and may require payment of certain non-refundable fees, such as a new member admission fee. New memberships expire one year (excluding special offers) from the membership join date.



Take full advantage of your AAA card

There are so many benefits and services included in a AAA membership that you can use your card nearly every day, and we can show you how to make it the most-used card in your wallet.

To find out how valuable your card is, attend one of our upcoming “Maximize Your Membership” meetings. At these free presentations, you'll learn about AAA's automotive services, insurance coverage, and the range of travel services available, from free maps to expert travel planning. Members also will discover great retail discounts at thousands of locations in stores and online.

Please RSVP for these meetings listed below.

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