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Travel With a Trusted Friend

Going on vacation is something we look forward to, but planning one can be stressful, requiring hours of research and coordination. That’s why I’m always surprised to find that many members aren’t taking advantage of one of the greatest benefits of membership, their local AAA Travel agent. But I also enjoy hearing from members who are. For example, a member recently shared how he stopped at a AAA branch to handle an insurance transaction. While he was there, he decided to talk with a travel agent. He ended up booking an exciting trip through AAA Vacations to a destination that he had been thinking about visiting with his extended family. He raved about the “insider tips,” special member value, and proactive follow-up that his agent provided. He said he now tells all his friends to use his local agent (“It totally made my vacation, and saved me money, too!”).

This story represents what AAA Vacations are all about. Your AAA Travel agent can provide you with customized itineraries that feature engaging local experiences. For example, our “Ultimate Italy” package includes a private tour of the Sistine Chapel with a local guide and a hands-on cooking lesson in Pisa. AAA Vacations also come with member-only amenities, such as dinner at a local restaurant or discounts on one-of-a-kind excursions. While on your trip, you’ll have access to assistance all along the way. And, as a AAA member, you can be confident that you’re getting good value for your money, thanks to our Best Price Guarantee.

Whether you want every detail handled for you, the freedom to travel on your own, or something in between, AAA Travel agents can help you choose the right trip for you and your budget. What’s more, you’ll find that while working with a AAA Travel agent doesn’t cost extra – it is one more way for you to unlock the total value of your membership. Helping members create travel memories of a lifetime is just one of the many ways we’re always with you. We wish you safe and happy travels.

Jim McGrath

March/April 2017 Issue

Jim McGrath


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